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Madigan Made Mark In Modernizing Football

Slip Madigan Team

When thinking of classic old-time college football coaches, names like Knute Rockne, Amos Alonzo Stagg and Pop Warner probably come to mind first. If you want to ease into the 1940s, Eddie Robinson, Bear Bryant and Woody Hayes got their starts then and achieved great fame. But Slip Madigan? There ...

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What’s In a (Baseball) Name?

Hall of Name-HORIZ

In 1969, singer and lyricist Dave Frishberg released a novelty song called “Van Lingle Mungo,” an amalgam of baseball names, some famous, some lesser-known, that fit a comfortable if slightly forced-sounding rhyme. And though it isn’t going to make any lists of greatest all-time tunes, or even baseball-themed songs, it ...

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‘Baseball Memories’ Tracks Baseball History In Poetry

Baseball Memories HORIZ

You know Doubleday didn’t invent it, The myth spun by Spalding to circumvent it. Abner was a soldier, never a player Says one of the poems by Ronald A. Mayer. The course of baseball history set to verse In a collection of poems, some longer, some terse, Baseball Memories brings ...

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‘The Called Shot’: A Heralded Home Run In An Unheralded Season

Called Shot-HORIZ

Baseball in the 1930s feels less covered than during other decades. That could just be a feeling, but it seems like the Deadball Era, Murderer’s Row Yankees of the 1920s, DiMaggio vs. Williams battles of the 40s, New York domination of the 50s, Mantle-Maris and the 60s and future seasons ...

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‘Yogi’ Puts A Smile On Fans’ Faces

Yogi Bowman

There is something about saying the name “Yogi Berra” that puts a smile on your face. Fans under, say, 60, didn’t see him play live, but his feats on the diamond are legendary: the bad-ball hitter who won three MVPs and 10 World Series rings. (10!) No one is close ...

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All-Time Great Charleston Gets Deserved Biography

Oscar Book-HORIZ

Asked to list the greatest players in Negro League history, names like Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige and Cool Papa Bell likely leap to mind first for most fans with at least a passing knowledge of pre-integration baseball. Jackie Robinson, though he only played there for a short time, might be ...

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From Lambeau To Rodgers, New Packers Book Has It All For GBP Fans


Green Bay is, in a word, unique among NFL cities. Besides having a few hundred thousand or a few million or so fewer residents in its metropolitan area, it’s the one holdover from a very different time in pro football’s history. And with the 100th anniversary of the then-Acme Packers, ...

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A ‘Catch’ For the Ages


There have been a few books released this year on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Miracle Mets: Wayne Coffey’s outstanding They Said It Couldn’t Be Done, Art Shamsky’s well-received After The Miracle and Rod Gaspar’s less heralded but by all accounts fine Miracle Met among them. ...

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Evolution Of The ‘Ballpark’ Examined In New Book

Camden Yards 1993 Credit: Keith Allison

There’s an inherent joy in the lines of the most famous baseball song of all time, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”; “I don’t care if I ever get back” hits on the essence, perhaps, of going to the game. Paul Goldberger’s new book, Ballpark: Baseball in the American City ...

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Some ’80s Yankees-In-Waiting Never Got To Wear The Interlocking NY

Marshall Brant-HORIZ

Yankee fans who lived through the late 1970s championships, then the up-and-down and ultimately title-less 1980s remember a familiar phrase: “The Columbus Shuttle.” Burly slugger Steve “Bye-Bye” Balboni may have been its most well-know rider, but the AAA International League entry, which switched to the Yankees in 1979 after serving ...

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