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Fantasy Options Continue To Grow With DFS

With the NFL season nipping at summer’s heels, fantasy players are wringing their hands in anticipation of season-long drafts. But a niche in the industry, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), has been creating some new buzz.

DFS is an online fantasy game where fans put together rosters of real players, enter them in daily contests, and compete based on how well their teams perform, with monetary prize payouts to the winners. Players have the option, on certain sites, to compete in a variety of sports that range from the four majors to NASCAR, PGA, NCAA football and basketball, and now eSports.

The popularity of DFS, anchored by the allure of instant gratification, has been a part of an industry that has taken off. In 2015, per the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, an estimated 57 million people in North America will play fantasy sports; approximately twenty percent of those players will play exclusively in DFS contests, up from 8% in 2013.

In order to sustain and build on this growth, DFS sites are looking for a way to appeal to groups that haven’t yet played the game. One group in particular, the casual fan, has been somewhat ignored in the space as evidenced by game play that appeals only to the avid fan – a game where users are limited in player selection to remain under a salary cap.

Enter Draftpot.com, a new competitor in the space that offers all the aforementioned sports and, more importantly, has recognized the opportunity and created a game with no salary cap. Now fantasy players do not have to take the time or stress about manipulating their rosters to fit. Instead, they can now select anyone they want, including all their favorite players. And so as not to disenfranchise the avid fan, Draftpot also offers a GM mode, a more accurate reflection of a player’s value based on a Points Per Game cap.

Every fan, whether you’re a casual or extreme sports fan, a novice or advanced fantasy player, or looking for another sport, should not be limited by the choices given to them in the current landscape. And it looks as though we have a new player: Draftpot.com.

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