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‘Heroes are Human: Lessons in Resilience, Courage and Wisdom from the COVID Front Lines’ Set for Sept. 27 Drop

Lessons in Resilience, Courage and Wisdom from the COVID Front Lines honors front-line healthcare workers—recounting the gripping, first-hand stories of their struggles through the pandemic. With empathetic guidance from Bob Delaney—internationally recognized in the field of Post-Traumatic Stress—Heroes are Human is at the forefront of new books that deal with ...

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Athletes First Partners to Represent Edmonton Oilers For Jersey Patch Sales

Athletes First Partners (A1 Partners) today announced that they have been retained by the Edmonton Oilers to handle the exclusive sale of the Oilers’ jersey patch, further expanding A1P’s growing offerings for brand partnerships. The Oilers resurgence—highlighted by last season’s trip to the Western Conference Finals, as well as their wildly ...

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All-Star cast of sports journalists have come together to launch ‘The Sporting Tribune’

The Sporting Tribune launches tonight, ushering in a new era of local sports coverage in a region that will be the epicenter of the sports world over the next decade. The platform will focus on the Southern California, Las Vegas and Hawaii markets, where viewers and listeners regularly tune-in to watch ...

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